A little about Noel

Noel grew up in Grand Rapids, MN where he wrestled and played football.  He placed three times at the Minnesota State Tournament before heading to Augsburg College for academics as well as wrestling. After a year he left for the Air Force, where he was a part of the Air Force Honor Guard for four years. He was assigned to the elite Body Bearers which is where his passion came to fruition for fitness and helping others achieve goals. He had to build his strength up to be strong enough to carry up to 6 caskets a day in Arlington National Cemetery. He spent many hours in the weight room growing his knowledge of the body and what it could achieve. He went through the Physical Training Leader course designed for the Air Force and was granted master Physical Training Leader. He along with his comrades oversaw the Honor Guards fitness program to raise physical fitness passing rates.


He became an instructor for the Honor Guard a few years later where he taught new Trainees and other Base Honor Guard members how to do proper military funerals. Noel has traveled around the United States teaching and getting to know a bit more about why he was put on this Earth.


Noel ended up coming back to Augsburg College where he finished wrestling and graduated with an Exercise Science degree and got an NASM certification. He took the first job after graduating and ended up in Phoenix, AZ where he and Sam spent a year digging into fitness more. Minnesota called them back asking for the Sweeney’s to return, and they found Los Campeones Gym in Minneapolis to call their new home. Sam was training for a few months and was getting busy, Noel quickly realized Sam was needing full time help time help and decided to go out on a limb and quit his job after a few other things pushed him in that direction. Life has twists for a reason.


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