Quiet Consistency

unnamed-9Over the past couple years this has become my chant, my phrase, my slogan- if you will. I think people underestimate consistency. It’s one of those things that is taken for granted so easily because it’s not loud, or shocking- and it shouldn’t be. That’s why I love the phrase “Quiet Consistency.” You shouldn’t need to shout, or talk about how consistent you are, you should be too focused to do that. And if people start taking you for granted, that’s actually a great compliment to your consistency. Consistency will humble you, because it’s not easy. You have to be persistent, and disciplined and you can’t be in it for the praise of others. It means working when no one else wants to, and doing that over and over again. This is the thing that pushes you to greatness. Keep that playing in your head this week. Quiet consistency is badass. Be humbled by it and you’ll be stronger for it. Let’s work this week, my friends.

A little about Sam


Sam (Samantha) Sweeney grew up in a Eagan, MN- a suburb right outside of Minneapolis. She grew up loving everything fitness and played competitive soccer from the age of 5 until her first year in college at a small D3 school. She then transferred to the U of M to finish out her degree in English. After retiring from soccer and trying to figure out where to take her own fitness journey, she began to be infatuated with distance running. She has run 3 marathons (so far 🙂 )- and was able to qualify for Boston all 3 times. As many distance runners know, there can be some wear and tear on the body when running such long distances so frequently, which made Sam switch gears from strict distance running, to mixing in some weight and strength training.


Her major shift to strength training came when her husband (then boyfriend), Noel Sweeney, challenged her to start working out with him. Just like many women, she was skeptical at first and told him she would give it 2 months, and if she hated it- she would return to distance running and cardio training. It didn’t take long for her to realize her passion for strength training, especially as a woman, and she never looked back.


Not long after being married, Sam and Noel moved to Arizona for Noel’s job. This is where Sam was able to dig into fitness more intensely and received her NASM certification. She began Sweeney Fitness as an online programming personal trainer. She created fixed and customized programs for online clients. When Noel and Sam decided to move home to Minnesota, they wanted to find a place to make Sweeney Fitness really come to life, in the form of in-person, personal training. After a lot of searching they came across Los Campeones Gym in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is currently their “home” (in every sense of the word) gym- and is really the space that helped Sweeney Fitness flourish.


A couple months after starting in-person training sessions, Sam realized she needed help juggling clients and business and after much consideration and discussion that’s when Noel was able to quit his corporate job to work alongside Sam. They received their business LLC in the winter of 2017 and with the dedication and support of clients, family, and friends have been able to watch Sweeney Fitness grow into something they always dreamed of.


Sweeney Fitness now operates as a husband (Noel) and wife (Sam) personal training small business. Both Sam and Noel take in person (individual, partner, and couples training) at Los Campeones, as well as online clientele, and even run a Saturday morning bootcamp for the real go getters.


Sam always says, as long as we’re in it to love and serve others then every ounce of hard work is worth it. Sweeney Fitness was once just a small dream to try and help others see their true strength- but thanks to the endless and extraordinary support of our family, friends, and clients it has become something so much more.


“No one achieves anything alone” – Couldn’t be more true.


Serve Others

“Too many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

It was the goal in the beginning, and it will be the goal until the end. We both said we’re going to serve people until we can’t anymore, because when I get to the end of my life- I don’t care if we’re tired, hungry, or a little banged up- I want to know that I couldn’t give one ounce more.



I found 2 definitions in the dictionary for the word “Dreamer”
1. “ A person who dreams or is dreaming” (👌🏻)
2. “A person who is unpractical or idealistic- wishful- lives in a world of fancy.”

Interesting. I think that’s true- I think there can be a negative connotation attached to the word “dreamer.” Oftentimes, It’s used as a label for laziness- someone who sits back and wishes for something, without making the steps to actually make that dream a reality. If I’m being honest though, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a “dreamer”- I don’t think it needs to be a negative thing. I think you have to have dreams, aspirations. But I also think if you’re a dreamer- why dream or wish for something when you’re not actually willing to do what it takes to make it a reality?. We need dreamers in this world- we would’ve never made as far as we have as a society without those people who had big dreams. But…Big Dreams are intimidating. I think sometimes we run from the big ones because it’s overwhelming to think about the work it would take to achieve it. If you’re going to dream, do it big, and then redefine the word “dreamer” and work your ass off to make that dream your reality. This world doesn’t work unless we’re all willing to do the hard stuff, to push a little bit further, dream a little bit bigger. 👊🏻

A little about Noel

Noel grew up in Grand Rapids, MN where he wrestled and played football.  He placed three times at the Minnesota State Tournament before heading to Augsburg College for academics as well as wrestling. After a year he left for the Air Force, where he was a part of the Air Force Honor Guard for four years. He was assigned to the elite Body Bearers which is where his passion came to fruition for fitness and helping others achieve goals. He had to build his strength up to be strong enough to carry up to 6 caskets a day in Arlington National Cemetery. He spent many hours in the weight room growing his knowledge of the body and what it could achieve. He went through the Physical Training Leader course designed for the Air Force and was granted master Physical Training Leader. He along with his comrades oversaw the Honor Guards fitness program to raise physical fitness passing rates.


He became an instructor for the Honor Guard a few years later where he taught new Trainees and other Base Honor Guard members how to do proper military funerals. Noel has traveled around the United States teaching and getting to know a bit more about why he was put on this Earth.


Noel ended up coming back to Augsburg College where he finished wrestling and graduated with an Exercise Science degree and got an NASM certification. He took the first job after graduating and ended up in Phoenix, AZ where he and Sam spent a year digging into fitness more. Minnesota called them back asking for the Sweeney’s to return, and they found Los Campeones Gym in Minneapolis to call their new home. Sam was training for a few months and was getting busy, Noel quickly realized Sam was needing full time help time help and decided to go out on a limb and quit his job after a few other things pushed him in that direction. Life has twists for a reason.