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The best way we can describe this program is to say it is a hybrid. This 12 week plan revolves around the lifts for each muscle group. They are focused on tempo and control and are designed to help you improve your lifting form and build muscle. The full body workouts included each week are endurance style workouts which will improve your muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. They challenge you to take what you learn about lifting form and control and use that as you pick up the pace and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Each week we incorporate 4 days of lifts focused on specific muscle groups and 2 days of full body workouts. The combination of hypertrophy (muscle building) and endurance in your training program is incredibly important while you build or expand on the foundation for your fitness journey.


Who is this program for?

We’d love to say this is for anyone and everyone. This program is intense and does require you to be committed to the details. We recommend that you have a basic foundation for navigating a gym. Some basic lifting experience is also recommended but not required. There are videos (hyperlinked) for every movement within this program. If you are newer to the gym or to the movements these are there to guide and assist you in being successful within this program.

This is a hybrid program. It is perfect for people who like a little bit of everything. With a healthy balance of lifts for each muscle group and full body endurance workouts, it’s created for those who really like to move.

This program more focused on the relationship between hypertrophy (muscle building) and muscular endurance, than it is max strength. If you’re someone looking to create your shape, and maybe even see your muscle pop through, this would be a great program for you (if done right, of course we can’t guarantee results).


What will you need:

A full gym. This program was designed around the workouts that built the foundation of where I am today and within that the equipment used is very important. This is the way we lift and we wanted to create a program that is genuine to our style. If you follow along on Instagram this should be no surprise. All of our workouts require the use of a variety of equipment.

A few things in particular that you will need:

  • A barbell (rack)
  • Cables
  • Dumbbells/Kettlebells
  • A variety of leg machines
  • Some use of Med Balls


What is included within the program:

    • 12 Week- 96 page long downloadable Ebook/PDF (this will never “expire” it is yours forever. We hope you use and reference for years to come)
    • Video Demos for each movement (all hyperlinked within the Ebook. All you have to do to reference a video is click on the exercise name and it will lead you to the video).
    • An Exercise Log and instruction on how to track weight is included at the end of the program for your use throughout the 12 weeks (we encourage you to utilize this in some way).
    • Upon purchase of the program you will be added into a Facebook group. This group will be composed of a community of people who are currently, who have previously, or are soon to complete the hybrid program. We want this to be an encouraging community of support for one another. This will be a great place to ask/answer each other’s questions, to post progress videos/images that you are proud of, and all around create a positive environment around this program. Noel and I will also be checking in on this page to help answer questions and support in any way.

[If you do not get added to the Facebook group within 24hrs it is because we cannot find you on Facebook. Please go ahead and send a request to join SWEENEY FITNESS HYBRID PROGRAM group and we will add you ASAP. Direct message Noel or Sam Sweeney or email sweeneysfitness@gmail.com with any questions or concerns]


3 reviews for Sweeney Fitness Hybrid Fitness Program

  1. Kelly B (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Hybrid Program. The workouts are intense, but if you put your mind to it you’ll feel better and better every single day. I love the mix of strength and cardio/endurance. I’ve purchased a few programs like this and wasn’t sure if this one was for me. Let me say that this may be the best fitness decision I have ever made! The program is so well thought out, the videos are incredibly helpful, program is so easy to navigate and understand, and the FB group is invaluable. The support you get from the Sweeney Hybrid community is incredible. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. I love that there is so much focus on the tempo of exercises. Every other program I’ve purchased just gives you reps and sets. This is more than that. I am so happy I purchased this program and I haven’t looked back! I’ll be a Sweeney member for life!!

  2. Lizzie M (verified owner)

    The Hybrid Program is a game changer. This program has given me the push I needed in the gym and has given me so much confidence. It really is a perfect mix of endurance, strength, and cardio. The program has links to videos of each exercise and is incredibly helpful. I bought this program when it first came out and am doing it for the third time. This program has physically and mentally impacted me in the best way!

  3. Morgan Miller (verified owner)

    This program continues to amaze me – I would recommend to anyone looking to bump their fitness level! Love the tempos and different exercises every week. You will not regret buying this program!!

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