Sweeney Fitness Activation and Recovery




We highly recommend that you spend some time warming up before training and recovering after training.
Think about this part of your training as your “insurance policy” against injury. Training requires a high amount of energy output and stress on the body. It can do more damage than good, if not paired with the correct warm up and recovery tools.

Sweeney Fitness has created the in-and outs of what we do for mobilizing and pre-workout warm ups and cool downs. This program is straight forward, and has proven to be incredibly effective in our own training and daily life.  Our hope is that you can use this guide as a tool to benefit not only your own training in the gym, but also how you move in your daily life.

Sometimes it just takes a guide to follow or pull from, and that’s what we hope this is for you. We encourage you to invest time into your recovery in and out of the gym, you won’t regret it.


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