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The only way to describe the Sweeney Fitness Strength Program is that it is just that. This is a 12 week strength building program; the “bread and butter” if you will. The program is sectioned into 3 different stages. The stages will last 4 weeks. This means you will be repeating the same lifts every week for four weeks. After each 4 week interval, we shift you into the next stage of the program. We are not reinventing the wheel every 4 weeks. Instead, we are keeping the basics, simply changing the approach through progressive overload and tracking your progress each week.  If you have never truly strength trained, it may be a new kind of challenge. However, it is essential for growth and a challenge worth pursuing. Throughout these 12 weeks we look forward to seeing you unwrap the excitement of building your true strength.



We designed the strength program for anyone who is motivated by heavy lifting and increasing numbers. Let us be clear, this is not a powerlifting program. This is also not a cardio based program, a “lean out” program or a weight loss program. This program is geared toward building sustainable strength and being able to use it practically in your life.


We recommend that you have a basic foundation for navigating a gym. Some basic lifting experience is also recommended but not required. Form is so incredibly important in preventing injury during strength training. There are videos (hyperlinked) and cues written in the description box of each video, for every movement within this program. The videos and cues are there to guide and assist you in being successful throughout the 12 weeks.

This strength program is truly made for those who want to cut the “fanciness” and focus on the foundation. It requires a high level of commitment and intensity to see changes and this program is designed to showcase exactly those qualities in your training. 


A full gym. The equipment you use during your training is very important. While the exercises within this program may seem “simple,” it still requires a variety of basic equipment be available during your training. If you have these things in your garage or home gym, great! This is the way we lift and we wanted to create a program that is genuine to our style. If you follow along on Instagram this should be no surprise. All of our workouts require the use of a variety of equipment.

A few things in particular that you will need:

  • A barbell (& rack)
  • Cables
  • Dumbbells
  • A variety of leg machines


    • 12 Week- 88 page long downloadable Ebook/PDF (this will never “expire” it is yours forever. We hope you use and reference for years to come)
    • Video Demos with cues for each movement (all hyperlinked within the Ebook. All you have to do to reference a video is click on the exercise name and it will lead you to the video).
    • An Exercise Log and instruction on how to track weight is included at the end of the program for your use throughout the 12 weeks (we encourage you to utilize this in some way).
    • Upon purchase of the program you will be added into a Facebook group. This group will be composed of a community of people who are currently, who have previously, or are soon to complete the strength program. We want this to be an encouraging community of support for one another. This will be a great place to ask/answer each other’s questions, to post progress videos/images that you are proud of, and all around create a positive environment around this program. Noel and I will also be checking in on this page to help answer questions and support in any way.

[If you do not get added to the Facebook group within 24hrs it is because we cannot find you on Facebook or our invite when to your junk folder in your email. Please go ahead and send a request to join SWEENEY FITNESS HYBRID PROGRAM group at anytime and we will add you ASAP. Direct message Noel or Sam Sweeney or email with any questions or concerns]


1 review for Strength Training Program

  1. Deanne Jordan

    If looking for a training program to overall increase strength, improve your 1RM and challenge you in ways you find hard to do yourself … this is the program. I did 90% of it in my garage gym, so if your gym is not open this program is great for anyone with a BB, squat rack and DB’s. This was a great challenge coming off the Hybrid Program! Highly recommend! I look forward to what the Sweeney’s come up with next!

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