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The 9 Week Dumbbell Training Program is the most thorough dumbbell-only programming we have ever put together. Every single workout is different. We feel variety is key to growth in a space like this. Our goal is to show you that simple equipment doesn’t mean easy workouts. You can make progress, reach goals and learn something new no matter your setting. 

There are 3 timed split muscle group workouts (back/biceps, chest/shoulders/triceps, legs), along with 2 full body workouts each week. Over the course of the 9 weeks, you will progress through 3 different phases, complete 45 unique workouts, learn to manipulate training tempo and challenge your endurance, power and speed. All you need is a pair or two of dumbbells, your body, and a place to move.  

Who is this program for? 

This dumbbell based program was created to be versatile. Whether you are a beginner to fitness or a more experienced lifter working with minimal equipment, the goal is that it will serve you right where you’re at. This 9 week program is based around endurance training and would be perfect for someone who wants to refine basic dumbbell lifts and improve body awareness, while increasing endurance. 

What will you need: 

This is a dumbbell based program. This program can be done with one pair of dumbbells, space to move in, and a chair/bench. However, to get the most out of this program we recommend you have access to 3 pairs of dumbbells (one pair light, one pair moderate, one pair heavy- to fit your strength levels), a bench is ideal but is not necessary, and your own bodyweight. Having 3 pairs of dumbbells will give you versatility within the movements when needed.  

What is included within the program: 

    • 9 Week- 63 page long downloadable Ebook/PDF (this will never “expire” it is yours forever. We hope you use and reference for years to come)
    • Video Demos for each movement (all hyperlinked within the Ebook. All you have to do to reference a video is click on the exercise name and it will lead you to the video).



5 reviews for Sweeney Fitness Dumbbell Program

  1. Kendra (verified owner)

    I’m just over halfway through the program and, even though I have not completed it yet, I feel I can still leave a positive review.

    I was running to stay in shape this fall but now with snow on the ground and freezing temps, I avoid it at all costs. I bought this program because I had no idea what I was going to do all winter long. This program has been PERFECT. I miss lifting in the gym but this really satisfies that craving. For me, that has been almost impossible to come by in a living room workout but this delivers. I am actually sore from the workouts – a beautiful thing.

    The schedule and structure has really motivated me to stick to it. I feel stronger, I feel motivated, and I feel happy that I am working out almost everyday with intention (not just a push-up and a run here and there).

    I would highly recommend this, it is so worth it! Thank you!

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    This program is fantastic! It’s great to have a program that is so easy to do in your own home. I can’t wait to do the 9-weeks again.

  3. Sarah Galati

    This program really challenged me and I noticed myself getting stronger as the weeks went by. I just finished the program and I absolutely loved it! What’s great is not a lot of equipment is needed and the workouts change enough to continue doing the ones you love but you NEVER get bored!

  4. Casandra Trinidad (verified owner)

    Love it! Tests your strength and endurance

  5. Caryn Hathaway (verified owner)

    This really is a thorough program!!! Definitely a favorite (hope they do more) I will certainly start this one again !

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