-“I came to Sweeney Fitness at a time in my life where I was really confused and lost with fitness and what it meant to me. I was a previous collegiate soccer athlete, crossfitter, and powerlifter and had become really burnt out with all of it. I had also just started graduate school and knew I couldn’t maintain the amount of time in the gym that I had been doing.

From the moment I met Noel and Sam, I knew they were something so special. They are people who have helped me achieve new goals and also the ones that have helped changed my life for the better. I have been challenged and pushed by them, but they also helped me find balance and enjoyment in the gym again.

I’m constantly impressed with Noel and Sam, with their knowledge in the gym, their work ethic, their positive personalities, their ability to connect with their clients and how they go above and beyond for them every single day. They are caring and attentive to what I need, what my limits are, and they can push me. They encourage and motivate me to do better not only in the gym, but in my life outside of it too. They are not only my trainers, but now two of my closest friends.”

-Rachel G.

-“Noel and Sam have taught me to love to work out and showed me how a healthy lifestyle is fulfilling. Through their expertise and passion for fitness, they push me to be better than I was yesterday. They get to know my preferences and create workouts that meet my needs and desires. Noel and Sam are constantly compassionate and encouraging, which really shows during training sessions, and is what sets them a part from the typical personal trainers. Beyond the workouts, they get to know their clients as friends. They are the best of the best!”

-Jamie W.

“I’ve been working with Sweeney fitness now for 10 months and am addicted. I had been going to the gym and lifting already for a couple of years but felt like I was in a rut. Sam helped me get on track and I’ve loved having workouts from her aside from our sessions so that I don’t have to think.. i can just do! She’s super positive & motivating.. I’m so grateful to have started with her!”

-Heather H.

-“A few months ago I had Sam start writing workouts for me as it was a hectic time in my life with planning a wedding and moving. My goals were pretty simple: learn the basics of body building and get stronger. I have LOVED these work outs as they have catered to my goals and helped me to look and feel strong. I get compliments on how great my arms and back look by complete strangers almost daily! Sam is super encouraging, knowledgable, and willing to help her clients improve their overall health. Thank you Sweeney Fitness for helping me look forward to my work outs and become more confident in the “strong girl” world!!”

-Megan N.